Person Just Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis

So, were you just diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (‘UC’)? Hey, I know what you’re feeling. I’ve been where you are right now. You might be young, maybe in your teens. You might be older, with children and grandchildren. Maybe it’s your child who’s been diagnosed with UC. Regardless of where you’re at we’ve all been there, all of us with UC, and it’s OK to be scared, shocked, indifferent or whatever you’re feeling right now. I can imagine you might feel so embarrassed right now, because I was too. In my mind I was saying how can a doctor ask a girl these questions about my toilet habits but I know the doctors need to know the answers to be able to help you.
When I was  back in school the students thought I was different because I missed a lot of school . Things were falling apart, I got a lot of bullying with people saying ‘You’re different… don’t hang with her…. omg 😲’. It wasn’t nice. Most mornings I didn’t go in to school until a bit later. If I went to the toilet for a long time, the teachers would be taking me outside the classroom to ask questions. I had to explain to them where I was for so long. These conversations would take five minutes each time which felt so stupid as teachers wouldn’t know what I was going through. I got depression a lot but never told anyone because I didn’t know what they would think. Most of my friends knew because I told them and at least they understood like most people I thought would.

UC is a part of me, and I’m doing the best I can. I can honestly tell you that living a meaningful life is possible. Right now, I have a part – time job in a factory packing fish and I have great support there. I take photography out on the ocean and at different places usually taking photos if people ask for example if there was storm or if somebody was at sea and wanted their photo to be taken. I go partying with few friends at weekends and I am currently in the National Learning Network, I love it there with many great teachers and students.  I go to concerts. I have friends I can talk to and who appreciate me for who I am, regardless of me having UC.
You may wonder what Ulcerative Colitis symptoms are. People having a flare up of Ulcerative Colitis may experience or all the following symptoms:
·         Diarrhea

·         Abdominal pain

·         Tiredness/lack of energy

Doctors will do examinations of the large bowel from the rectum to the caecum to diagnose UC. This is what I had to do many times before, it isn’t scary. I didn’t care at the time, I wasn’t worried. I mean worrying yourself isn’t good.  It is important that the bowel is empty for the tests so your doctor can get good views of the bowel wall. My doctor prescribed a special drink to take on the day before my examination to ensure this. I was given a sedation for the test which takes approximately twenty minutes. I was asked to rest in the recovery room for about an hour and could be given light refreshments before I was discharged home. Capsule endoscopy is a recently developed technology which may be helpful in certain cases. My doctor also took into consideration how I was coping with my symptoms. He prescribed drugs to reduce the inflammation in the colon and help to heal the inflamed intestine lining. These drugs were useful in rating mild to moderate flare – ups and are used to keep my colitis in remission.
What foods can you eat with UC?
·        white bread without seeds

·        white pasta, noodles, and macaroni

·        white rice

·        crackers and cereals made with refined white flour

·        canned, cooked fruits

The foods which you should not eat are:
·         brown rice

·         quinoa

·         buckwheat

·         oats

·         wild rice

I have no shame or embarrassment in saying I have UC to people if they asked what was wrong with me. It’s not a pleasant thing to have throughout your 20s but one key thing about living with UC is accepting you have it and to not feel embarrassed about discussing it. After all, everyone goes to the toilet – it as natural as breathing – so what the sheepish attitude to talking about bowel disease? But coping with UC is not simply about managing the disease, it can severely affect mental health too. For example, anxiety and depression are heavily associated with having the illness. I do have positive times and navigate times but hey that’s going to happen. They say life is short but you got to be strong for what you have.
I was diagnosed March 2013 when I was 16 years old. For the past five months I have been feeling good like nothing is wrong with me as I have been taking my medication every day. I never like taking the medicine and it’s really annoying for me. I take it morning and night. At one point, I was going to the bathroom 10+ times a day. At one point in time, I had gone in my pants and washed myself off in the toilet in secondary school. It was horrible and I lucky to have a spare pants with me, because being caught short isn’t nice feeling to have.  It had all become so normal at that point. But you know what? Its ok even if you don’t experience all of this, or half of this or even any of this. If you got out of the bed today – congratulations and just remind yourself tomorrow is another day.
I take my medication, exercise and try to follow a good diet. This disease, as we all know, shows us that our body will not always do what we try to will it to do, and don’t worry, I know it’s not easy. I can’t tell you anything that is going to take away this disease because right now its 5 years later and we still dealing with what has actually caused it. You can realise that having this disease is an opportunity and a blessing. With everything you will go through, you will gain experience to understand how much the mind matters through difficult times. This will force you to become mentally stronger and more resilient after a few hangups. And having this disease will lead you to your life’s work: inspiring and educating others on how to get through difficult times. So, in closing, I want you to understand that most of this journey will be in understanding that you have this choice. Once you realise this, you will know you are not cursed but blessed to have been able to live a life full of hard won lessons.

August Bank Holiday

Today this would be regatta weekend because of Covid 19 is here. Its certainly a different change it has become.

But lot of tourist would still come here to get out of their homes to travel as they been in Lockdown long enough.

Since my family been home myself and my father thought why not bring them out to the ocean to see how they would get on ! When I say that nobody been on a boat in their life

I love the sea and because it’s my blood. If a person asked me go fishing I would tomorrow no problem.

They all couldn’t believe the waves going up and down especially jacob and Aine loved it so much.

There so much peaceful and quite out here cant find a better place but the ocean

We got some photos and videos I think we took about 200 or 300 at least. As we had such a fine weather too it was fabulous ☀️☀️

We shoot our pots here in the odd time.
The lighthouse
Jacob is skipper still bit small 😆
Amazing calm weather 🙌

Sunday Trips 😀

The most westerly of Cork’s inhabited islands, Dursey is separated from the mainland by a narrow sound known for its strong tides.

It is accessed by Ireland’s only cable car, which runs about 250m above the sea. It can carry six people at a time (locals get preference) on the 15-minute journey.

Without any shops, pubs or restaurants, this peaceful little island offers day-trippers an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern living.

It is, however, home to three small villages and forms part of the Beara Way Walking Trail.

Dursey is an excellent place for viewing wildlife, as a variety of birds can be seen here, including rare species from Siberia and America.

Dolphins and whales can also frequently be spotted in the waters surrounding the island. On the island’s most westerly hill sits the 200-year-old Signal Tower, which boasts commanding views north to the Skellig Islands and south to Mizen Head. There are also ruins of the ancient church of Kilmichael, which is thought to have been founded by monks from Skellig Michael.

Dursey Island is a truly unique place and a derserving Wild Atlantic Way Signature Discovery Point. It is a mere 6.5 km long and 1.5 km wide and located off the south western tip of the Beara Peninsula in Cork. It is accessed via Ireland’s only cable car which crosses between the mainland and the island on a cable 26m (80ft) above the sea. It is the only cable car in Europe that operates over seawater.

The story of Dursey Island is sad and bloody. In 1602, after the Irish defeat at The Battle of Kinsale, 300 of it’s inhabitants, were massacred. That winter the remaining 1,000 of the O’Sullivan Bere Clan set out on a long march in freezing conditions to join their kinsmen in County Leitrim. They were attacked by both Irish and English all along the route. Only 35 of the 1,000 reached Leitrim.

There are no shops, pubs or restaurants on the island but the scenery, nature and wonderful ambiance of the island more than makes up for this.

So before I end my day with what the trip was like I ran around 5km today and its really good if you feel the gyms aren’t open at the moment for you. This would be brilliant it’s also helps your mental health !!

Muckross House

Today was a great morning got time to see my nephews and niece spend time with them.

As I set off my day I went to see my friend from college and we decided to take a trip down to killarney. It was pretty but lots of fog

The amount of tourist even though they dont relaise we are still have the covid 19 it hasn’t left our area.

I took some photos because I love to see different areas especially the views make it better.

We passed the Healy Pass there was lot of turns it would been my first time up here on this adventure road.

Beautiful flowers

Dzogchen beara was my next trip its beautiful place more for the tourist to look at view. You could really stay here buy a land just to watch a sunset 😇

Café and Bookshop Manager
A very special opportunity to manage a popular café which offers our own home-cooked cakes and vegetarian savouries, artisan coffees, teas and sodas.

The café also incorporates a shop with selected books on Buddhism and wellness, cards and gifts for all budgets, Dzogchen Beara-made preserves etc.

The Dzogchen Beara café is a destination and an experience in itself.

Visitors come to enjoy the clifftop views as well as delicious food and drinks, perhaps before attending a meditation session, after a peaceful walk in the gardens, during a break in a retreat or simply because they were passing or are meeting a friend.

This is a key role at the heart of the centre where you will be the first point of contact for many visitors.


Until next time 😊🖐

Coronavirus Pandemic

Hello to all, hope everyone doing alright with this coronavirus and everyone is safe out there. Everyone needs some inspiration and motivation, what changed me. In the past I would be like Motivational is just movement and just get up and make the most of your day. I did not see a point in anything because I thought fitness would be nothing, I couldn’t see anything changing in me. It was zero motivation to do anything. I can’t tell you in words how I felt, how down I was. When you lose control of your own mind, you’re in a bad place. I just wanted to show the world that. if mental health can bring someone as big as me and as strong as me and you know. I knew something was wrong with me my whole life I just couldn’t see it. Growing up as a child, I felt loneliness even when I was with other people. I wasn’t the confident character that you see today. I was a very shy reserved skinny little kid. I have experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows in life. So, I kept working my whole life and when I finally achieved, I was like `Oh well, that was a lot of rubbish. I felt like I had nothing to look forward to I felt worthless. So, what has changed in those times that has passed now

In life success is a different aspect for many people fail towards it you burn out mentally physically you can do more. Having attended a gym, but I have stopped going it was getting too expensive. So I decided I would do it at home now and the days are Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm. I have a good workout mostly every day done I enjoy that I do push ups and get the ball moving. This is her video check her out might help one of your family friends or just you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyNrq3DcMMY

What I attend to do is get up stick with my time routine all the time now. I am saying stick with a time don’t try change it as your routine will be messed up. For example I get up at 8am or 8:15am and then I stay awake all day the more you practice it help you if you decided to work a nightshift you are tired go sleep early around 12 in the night-time. The other days in my spare time, I have is going out take photographs photos or I would go stick with going for a walk – either a run get a run around your lap exercise is the key. Most people attend to get some workhouse done in the morning then in the evening it helps to relax get other things done. Or stick with a goal you want to achieve and make it happen.

22/04/2020 April

Spend time with my sister Aine yesterday in a place called Garnish for our Quarantine something to do it was a 25 minutes drive to our house which is 22km but because of that our father boat is over there so we said we take time out and relax. It was a lovely evening nobody around. Although there was a seal coming in and I didn’t catch him on time but I have other time where I did catch him. He was having a good look and we obvious know it was fish. Garnish Beach, at the southern tip of the Beara peninsula. It is a white sandy beach with beautiful views over Dursey Island and Garnish Bay. It has wheelchair accessible toilet facilities that include changing rooms and baby changing facilities.

Locals voicing concern over trawlers with Spanish crew

By Helen Riddell

FISHING organisations in Castletownbere have condemned the recent attempts in their own village, as well as Dingle, to prevent foreign vessels landing, amid fears of potential Covid-19 transmission.

Following reports that a Spanish-registered trawler was prevented from landing in Castletownbere on Friday, Patrick Murphy, chief executive of the Castletownbere-based Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation said: ‘I want to stress that there was never any blockade in Castletownbere. It was never about boats not being able to land. A group of local people came down to the pier to voice their concerns, but it was never about stopping any boat from fishing or landing their catch. The vessel in question was allowed to land, and take onboard ice and head out again.’

A statement issued by all the leading fish producing organisations in Ireland reiterated this, and confirmed that Irish fishermen enjoyed cordial and professional working relationships with their French and Spanish counterparts, as well as with the wider European industry.

Mr Murphy said both his organisation and local buyers such as the Castletownbere Fishermen’s Co-op are doing the best they can to support local fishermen at the current time.   

The Department of Agriculture Food and Marine issued an information notice  to all harbour masters which states that a separate designated landing zone will assigned to all incoming vessels,  and all activity during the discharge of the vessel will be carried out within this designated area, with all crew to remain in the area during landing.

However, Mr Murphy called on additional supports for the industry at this time: ‘You can’t just close down the fishing industry. Factories which are closing now due to the spread of the coronavirus, pull down the shutters, turn on the security lights and that’s it. Boats may be tied up at the pier, but effectively they are still incurring costs. We have boats with sensitive electronic equipment and engines worth hundreds of thousands of euro which can’t be switched off and left idle.’

There no place like Beara

Beara is my home one the lovely spots you can ask for many people come here to vist which is beautiful too. I see tourist come here lot of the summer time especially for the Dursey island cable car going towards the island and looking out at the bullrock and lighthouse.

I have a big fan in photographer its basically in my blood. I always thought true time i might get a course down the line to do it.

I told people that you can take many photos its isnt about getting likes just what your passion about. Like for me its i definitely have a flair for it. ❤Also im artistic its a gift. 😊

Its not about Sunset its about getting out more now what you like to do activites wise, its something to do to look after your mental health. As people are in crisis with this Coronavirus thats happening.

You will fight true it. Its about motivation stick with a routine what you do every morning. Weekends can be different but this way the more you do it you feel twice or three times better.

Here are some photos i took yesterday it was so peaceful thats what ypu need really days like these.

Thanks again for reading.

One person injured after Luas and Truck Collide in Smithfield.

One person has been injured in a crash between a Luas and a truck in Smithfield.

It happened on the Red Line at the Benburb/Queen Street junction at around 8.45am this morning.

Photos on the Dublin Fire Brigade’s twitter page show damage to the truck and to the front of the tram, which has derailed

The facade of a pub has also been damaged.

One person was treated for injuries which aren’t life threatening.

There are currently no luas services running between Blackhorse and The Point.

It’s expected to be a number of hours before service is restored in the area.

Cork County Fire Service

Since last Thursday 26th March, Bantry, Castletownbere, Schull, Skibbereen, Dunmanway, Midleton, Macroom, Mallow and Fermoy Fire Brigades have all attended various gorse / outdoor fires. Some of these calls required the attendance of multiple brigades.

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 National Emergency, Cork County Fire Service wish to advise ALL LANDOWNERS to cease and desist all controlled burning effective immediately.

Since 1st March it is illegal for landowners to burn off scrub, vegetation etc. from the land. These fires can draw important fire brigade resources away from responding to other emergency calls, especially at this current time when our resources may be required elsewhere.

Consequently we are informing all landowners:
• Controlled Burning should not take place under any circumstances
• Communications Centres will not accept caller details and details of controlled burns at this time.

For anybody living in areas that are prone to gorse fires we would as always advise that you remove gorse and dead vegetation from around buildings, oil tanks, fences, forestry and poles in order to reduce your risk of losses due to any potential gorse fires that may occur.

During this current crisis, Cork County Fire Service would like to reassure you, that should you require the Fire Service we will as always be ready to attend Emergency calls.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and cooperation with this. Stay home and stay safe

Remember, in an emergency phone 999 or 112 and know your EIRCODE

Ross Castle Killarney

Ross Castle is a 15th-century tower house and keep on the edge of Lough Leane, in Killarney National Park, County Kerry, Ireland. It is the ancestral home of the O’Donoghue clan, later associated with the Brownes of Killarney. Please note that this site is a very busy site and visitors may experience a delay during the summer months. Location: 2 km from Killarney, off N71 (Kenmare Road) Guided Tours: Scheduled tours,Access by guided tour only, Videos/cameras are not permitted on tour ,Maximum number 15 , Duration 40 minutes.

Ross Castle Contact Details —  Ross Castle, Ross Road, Killarney, Co. Kerry, V93 V304 Phone Number +353 (64) 663 5851 ! Opening Hours 1st March – 5th November  Daily 09.30 – 17.45  Average length of visit: 1 hour  Last admission 1 Hour before closing  All groups of 10 people or more must be pre-booked. !!

Admission Fees Adult: €5.00
Group/Senior: €4.00
Child/Student: €3.00
Family: €13.00 Facilities ,Exhibitions. Toilets and car/coach park close to site. Restaurant/Tearooms: None

Last Weekend i spend a Weekend up in killarney to meet few friends i decided i like to go see the lakes which isnt that far off Killarney town. There are a few but i decided i would like this one and it was called the Killarney Ross Castle. I asked the girls would they liked to get in the photos  but they didn’t like to be taken so i got few of my own instead. They consist of three lakes – Lough Leane, Muckross Lake and Upper Lake. Also that day it was beautiful day sunny and i finally got my pricing in my ear done which took forever a time to do it.


A Journey from Eyeries to Valentia island

Hello this post is about what a journey can actually take while being on a boat for 3 and half hours. I left at 6:30 that morning arrive over to the boat and it took about 3 minutes to untide the ropes and get back into the boat and head out to the harbour. Middle of the morning dark not knowing weather there was a rock in front of us did we pass it or not.

I enjoyed it because lets just say i havent been on the boat in about 2 years, that a rough guess. So the middle of the morning we were Passing Puffin Island. The fish farm where they do loads of kind of work also. This is a pocture from google thag i found of the Skelligs island how it looks. The Skelligs scences from the most recent Star Wars Film Episode The Force Awakens were filmed at the island in 2014.

Hope you all have a Fabulous 2020 and a Happy New year 🤸‍♀️🙏