Person Just Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis

So, were you just diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (‘UC’)? Hey, I know what you’re feeling. I’ve been where you are right now. You might be young, maybe in your teens. You might be older, with children and grandchildren. Maybe it’s your child who’s been diagnosed with UC. Regardless of where you’re at we’ve all been there, all of us with UC, and it’s OK to be scared, shocked, indifferent or whatever you’re feeling right now. I can imagine you might feel so embarrassed right now, because I was too. In my mind I was saying how can a doctor ask a girl these questions about my toilet habits but I know the doctors need to know the answers to be able to help you.  
When I was  back in school the students thought I was different because I missed a lot of school . Things were falling apart, I got a lot of bullying with people saying ‘You’re different… don’t hang with her…. omg 😲’. It wasn’t nice. Most mornings I didn’t go in to school until a bit later. If I went to the toilet for a long time, the teachers would be taking me outside the classroom to ask questions. I had to explain to them where I was for so long. These conversations would take five minutes each time which felt so stupid as teachers wouldn’t know what I was going through. I got depression a lot but never told anyone because I didn’t know what they would think. Most of my friends knew because I told them and at least they understood like most people I thought would.

UC is a part of me, and I’m doing the best I can. I can honestly tell you that living a meaningful life is possible. Right now, I have a part – time job in a factory packing fish and I have great support there. I take photography out on the ocean and at different places usually taking photos if people ask for example if there was storm or if somebody was at sea and wanted their photo to be taken. I go partying with few friends at weekends and I am currently in the National Learning Network, I love it there with many great teachers and students.  I go to concerts. I have friends I can talk to and who appreciate me for who I am, regardless of me having UC. 
You may wonder what Ulcerative Colitis symptoms are. People having a flare up of Ulcerative Colitis may experience or all the following symptoms:
·         Diarrhea

·         Abdominal pain

·         Tiredness/lack of energy

Doctors will do examinations of the large bowel from the rectum to the caecum to diagnose UC. This is what I had to do many times before, it isn’t scary. I didn’t care at the time, I wasn’t worried. I mean worrying yourself isn’t good.  It is important that the bowel is empty for the tests so your doctor can get good views of the bowel wall. My doctor prescribed a special drink to take on the day before my examination to ensure this. I was given a sedation for the test which takes approximately twenty minutes. I was asked to rest in the recovery room for about an hour and could be given light refreshments before I was discharged home. Capsule endoscopy is a recently developed technology which may be helpful in certain cases. My doctor also took into consideration how I was coping with my symptoms. He prescribed drugs to reduce the inflammation in the colon and help to heal the inflamed intestine lining. These drugs were useful in rating mild to moderate flare – ups and are used to keep my colitis in remission.
What foods can you eat with UC?
·        white bread without seeds

·        white pasta, noodles, and macaroni

·        white rice

·        crackers and cereals made with refined white flour

·        canned, cooked fruits

The foods which you should not eat are:
·         brown rice

·         quinoa

·         buckwheat

·         oats

·         wild rice

I have no shame or embarrassment in saying I have UC to people if they asked what was wrong with me. It’s not a pleasant thing to have throughout your 20s but one key thing about living with UC is accepting you have it and to not feel embarrassed about discussing it. After all, everyone goes to the toilet – it as natural as breathing – so what the sheepish attitude to talking about bowel disease? But coping with UC is not simply about managing the disease, it can severely affect mental health too. For example, anxiety and depression are heavily associated with having the illness. I do have positive times and navigate times but hey that’s going to happen. They say life is short but you got to be strong for what you have.
I was diagnosed March 2013 when I was 16 years old. For the past five months I have been feeling good like nothing is wrong with me as I have been taking my medication every day. I never like taking the medicine and it’s really annoying for me. I take it morning and night. At one point, I was going to the bathroom 10+ times a day. At one point in time, I had gone in my pants and washed myself off in the toilet in secondary school. It was horrible and I lucky to have a spare pants with me, because being caught short isn’t nice feeling to have.  It had all become so normal at that point. But you know what? Its ok even if you don’t experience all of this, or half of this or even any of this. If you got out of the bed today – congratulations and just remind yourself tomorrow is another day.
I take my medication, exercise and try to follow a good diet. This disease, as we all know, shows us that our body will not always do what we try to will it to do, and don’t worry, I know it’s not easy. I can’t tell you anything that is going to take away this disease because right now its 5 years later and we still dealing with what has actually caused it. You can realise that having this disease is an opportunity and a blessing. With everything you will go through, you will gain experience to understand how much the mind matters through difficult times. This will force you to become mentally stronger and more resilient after a few hangups. And having this disease will lead you to your life’s work: inspiring and educating others on how to get through difficult times. So, in closing, I want you to understand that most of this journey will be in understanding that you have this choice. Once you realise this, you will know you are not cursed but blessed to have been able to live a life full of hard won lessons.


Sleep your way to Happiness

I know what you might be thinking, how can I sleep my way to happiness? I’m going to give you a few tried and tested pointers on how you can start to feel happier every day after getting a good nights rest.   Keep a journal for your thoughts and dreams

Simply writing down all that clutter in your head paves the way for a restful and calm nights sleep. By writing down things that are going on in your head before bed means you won’t be thinking about them over and over again when you’re trying to sleep. It makes room for logical thought, and clears your mind of the stuff that doesn’t really matter. If you find that your sleep often gets disturbed by dreams you should write them down too as they may be trying to tell you something.

Prepare yourself for restful sleep

This means reading, listening to music, anything that lets you unwind. You can’t expect to fall asleep and wake up refreshed if you’re not ready to sleep. Try to put your mind at ease. Life can be very hectic, never mind what goes on in your head throughout the day. Relaxing yourself makes it easier to get your creativity flowing and strengthens your intuition. And that can only be a good thing! If you’re not in the right mindset before sleep or you’re worrying about something then you’re only setting yourself up for failure. We’ve all been there. Take yourself to your happy place, and stay there. You deserve it!

Keep a bottle of water beside your bed

Being dehydrated can get you into all sorts of trouble, mentally and physically. Let’s face it, not many of us get our recommended 5 a day never mind 8 glasses of water. So it’s helpful that before bed, you drink some water, and right when you wake up. If you want to be fancy about it you can add some lemon juice and really kick things into gear. When your body is hydrated you can think more logically and you will feel better so getting your liquids in day and night is a really good choice.

Submit to sleep

Simply dedicating yourself to sleep will make it easier to get into a healthy sleeping cycle. That means turning off your phone, with no exceptions. You can still use it for an alarm I guess. What I mean by dedication is acknowledging that you have decided to give yourself this time to rest with no distractions. If you keep flipping your phone back on, thinking of all the profile pictures you didn’t yet ‘like’ you can totally ruin your efforts to get to sleep. Turn it off, sugar!

So there you have it. I’m not saying they’re miracle workers, but give them a try and get back to me. I’d like to hear how it goes.

Have a good day 😀

Macdonald Hotel Kinsale

Set in 90 acres of mature wooded parkland and offering panoramic views over Oysterhaven Bay, our luxury hotel in Kinsale is situated in the perfect location near Cork City, in a peaceful and tranquil setting for our guests.  Macdonald Kinsale Hotel & Spa boasts a selection of contemporary accommodation on the dramatic setting of Kinsales’ rugged coastline.  Located less than 25 minutes from Cork Airport and just a short 5 minute drive from the historic, harbour town of Kinsale, our hotel provides a tranquil haven on the coast.  With our Rockpool Bar & Restaurant, 70 bedrooms and our luxury spa, our Kinsale hotel near Cork is the perfect location for your next short break or activity holiday.  Our selection of event suites also make this hotel ideal for conference and wedding events for up to 240 guests.  While you’re staying with us, why not take a visit to our Vital Spa & Wellbeing Club.  Couples and friends can take advantage of our couple’s suite and enjoy a treatment together or enjoy one of our signature peat treatments.   Situated at the very start of the Wild Atlantic Way, our hotel in Kinsale is the perfect starting point for your journey along the route.  Offering superb service along with comfortable luxury bedrooms, Macdonald Kinsale Hotel & Spa, near Cork is the perfect coastal retreat with a wide range of things to see and do.

Well i have to say that the hotel was 100% well cleaned and very good staff. I stayed there last night also and the food is brilliant. The Health Club Membership – Dive into the pool for a few laps or clock up the miles on a treadmill which i have done and it was very good but most of it was hard. Take a Pilates class or stretch out on your yoga mat. sweat it out in the sauna or relax with a massage. our health and well being clubs at MacDonald hotel have so many routes to feeling good staying fit. It’s not just about the latest techno gym equipment. Our approach is to design a fitness programmer right for you, with properly-qualified personal trainers to keep you on track. Of course, if you’re a hotel guest, just drop in to use the health and fitness facilities you fancy. i have no problem going there again sometime anyways. From the moment you enter the special world of our spa experience with its soothing and tranquil atmosphere relaxation begins.Unwind with a choice of wet and dry treatments. there are thermal suits with rock saunas therapies such as sale infusion and salt mist cold rooms steam rooms and all manner invigorating showers. you can have a host of luxury beauty treatments and soothing, feel-good massages.



Spending time with my cousin.

Its been very good few weeks with my cousin Ruairi he came all the way from London to Ireland to see me he is a pretty brilliant cousin to have. We went to loads of places and it was a amazing. we went to the Bere Island tower we went to Dunboy Castle, Dzogchen Beara most it was travelling by car but it was good. We traveled to cork the Friday and we had a other night in cork with his friends who moved over from London 2 years ago so we had a good few drinks and some nights in cork was very good and it was nice to see a person he was throwing fire with his stick haha amazing but shocking to see it


But it wont be that long more when i go in February  2018 to see my cousin i be going to a event to see the Imagine Dragons which is in Birmingham United Kingom. they are my favorite singers especially so lucky to get them on the tickets their wasn’t many left. i will be doing a lot of travelling then because i be going afterwards to London i be seeing my other cousins in Bournemouth. This will be my first time on a plane i hate being up high but i guess im gonna have get used to it because im gonna be doing Sky Diving in kilkenny for my birthday.

WEST CORK: Awards for Bantry students of National Learning Network

Denise-OReagan-with-Minister-Jim-Daly-303x450Jim Daly TD (Left) pictured at the event!

More than 40 students of the National Learning Network (NLN) in Bantry have been honoured for their “inspirational efforts”.

The certification ceremony, held in the Bantry NLN centre on Thursday afternoon, was attended by West Cork based Junior Minister Jim Daly TD (Fine Gael). It recognised “the dedication and efforts made by students studying NLN courses”.

Students who attend the National Learning Network, which is a division of the Rehab Group, received their certificates after completing a range of courses designed to support people to get a job or to progress to further education.

Several students, who have since went on to further education or secured employment, attended the inspirational event with their family and friends.

Richard Doyle, who was a student on the Foundation training programme, spoke proudly of his achievement in completing the course.

“When I joined the centre last October I wasn’t the same person as you see standing before you today,” Richard told those gathered at the ceremony. “I was very insecure about myself, very quiet, shy and spending most of my time on my own.”

He added: “Since then I have noticed a significant change in me as a person. I feel now that anything that is put in front of me, I will not shy away from. I have learnt amazing new skills and even rediscovered skills that I forgot I ever had.”

Minister Daly, who has special responsibility for Mental Health and Older People, congratulated all of the students receiving their certificates.
“Each of you receiving an award today should be very proud of your accomplishments,” said Minister Daly. “…The skills you have garnered over your time here in NLN will set you up for the future, whether that is in employment or in further education or, simply, in your personal life as a member of the community.”

Dr Fiona Brennan, National Learning Network manager, said that it was humbling to see students achieving.
Dr Brennan added: “All of the student have put in a lot of dedication, hard work, and courage to get this far. Each of the students have received a nationally recognised award and qualification that will help them to secure employment or go on to further education.
“Most of all, they have developed skills to improve their independence, wellbeing, and give them the confidence to participate in their own communities and workplaces.


Representatives from the Rehab Group and Cork Education and Training Board (CETB) also attended the event.
NLN in Bantry, in partnership with the HSE and CETB, provide a range of training courses to people who have a disability, or those who’ve had an accident, illness, injury or require extra supports.

The NLN centre in Bantry works on a continuous intake basis throughout the year. If you are interested in furthering your skills or getting support to get a job, please contact the centre directly on 027 51027 or go to http://www.nln.ie.

About National Learning Network
National Learning Network specialises in the delivery of recognised and accredited programmes to people who need specialist support. We are the largest private provider of personalised education, training and employment services in Ireland.

NLN offers over 70 training, education and community-based rehabilitative training programmes focusing on wellness and employment preparation. The people who use NLN’s services need specialist supports for a range of reasons. We work with people who experience health conditions, illness, disability, mental health difficulty, trauma, addiction, economic isolation or challenging life circumstances. We support people to make successful transitions, whatever their stage in life. We can help with transition from school to the adult environment, with access to vocational training and education with getting a job, recovery and wellness, improving people’s health, enhancing quality of life and achieving successful inclusion in the community. NLN’s services are aligned to international best practice models of social and vocational rehabilitation.

About Rehab
Rehab is a charity that champions the value of diversity and inclusion for people with a disability or disadvantage in their communities. Our mission is to help the people we serve to be more independent and to contribute to and be more included in their communities; empowering them with the skills and confidence to be active in the workforce, and supporting them to be in charge of their health and wellness. Over 20,000 people use Rehab’s services – children and adults with disability, people on the autism spectrum, people with mental health difficulties and people who are disadvantaged in some way in the labour market. More than 3,200 employees deliver Rehab’s services in over 170 locations in Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Poland and Saudi Arabia.


Irish weather: As Hurricane Gert arrives a wet and windy weekend is in store

AAqgAgiAs Hurricane Gert, or the remnants at least, move in across Ireland you can expect a wet and windy weekend.  The majority of the country will be hit by heavy showers of rain throughout the weekend. The west will be the first to feel the brunt of Hurricane Gert as it moves in off the Atlantic coast on Friday morning. A Met Eireann forecaster said: ” The heaviest of the showers are likely across the west and northwest to begin, moving eastwards in turn through the late morning and afternoon.  “Some of the downpours will lead to spot flooding and impaired visibility. “Bright or sunny spells will occur too though, with showers moving away into the Irish Sea this evening. “Relatively cool, with highest temperatures 15 to 17 degrees Celsius  “West to northwest breezes will be fresh to strong and gusty, especially around showers and coastal areas.”

AAqgPgLSaturday for the most part will actually be quiet a dry day with just the odd shower. However from Saturday night onwards the rain will become heavier and persistent. The forecaster said: “Breezy for a time tomorrow Saturday, with fresh northwest breezes persisting until mid-afternoon. “Overall the day will bring a lot of dry weather however, with just well scattered passing showers, and a mix of cloud and sunny spells through the day. “On Saturday night there will be heavy rain across the southwest that will gradually move up over the country, with longer spells of thundery rain leading to spot flooding. “Hill and coastal fog too. Ulster and parts of Leinster may however stay dry till morning. “Sunday will be mostly overcast with overnight rain continuing into the daytime hours. The rain will be persistent and sometimes heavy with the ongoing risk of spot flooding. “The rain should ease off at times later too though, with some sunny spells breaking through in the south. Mild and humid with low cloud and coastal fog. Highest temperatures 16 to 20 degrees Celsius, in southwesterly breezes.”

BBtAz9p BBtA3iB


When i heard about this i was just shocked i thought it was coming to my town at first because where i am we never have these kind of Hurricane before so we are so lucky.

These photos are so bad and i felt so sorry for the people who just got to feel like this all the time especially the children when they dont have their clothes or their toys to play with.

Thoughts you never know in a car when sitting down.

I sent out an email a few years ago in the hope of preventing anyone from going through what I have had to go through. The sad truth is that I know the message hasn’t reached far enough. The more people I talk to about what happened to me the more I realise I have to do more…….so I am asking you all to please pass it on. I think maybe words are not enough anymore so I am going to finally show some photos of what can happen when you put your feet on the dashboard. This is my story…..AGAIN 

When I was 22 my life was turned upside down. An accident changed my life forever and I am ready to tell the world about it and hopefully in the process it might help prevent the same happening to someone else! My name is Grainne Kealy and I am now 33 years of age. On the 16th of December 2006 my boyfriend and I left our home in Galway for my home place in Laois. Going through Borris-in-Ossary the jeep skidded on a patch of black ice and crashed into a wall. As accidents go it was a bad enough one. The jeep was destroyed but thank god there were no other vehicles involved. My boyfriend got out with minor injuries thank god but he has all the memories! It is thanks to him and my family that I can tell you this story. You see I had decided along the way that I would be more comfortable if my feet were on the dashboard. It was something I rarely did and only did that morning as I had bought a new pair of Ugg boots and knew that I wouldn’t dirty the dashboard. Silly when you think about it! By doing this my feet were placed directly on top of the airbag without realising. When the jeep collided with the wall the airbags inflated as they do but because my feet were on top of mine it actually pushed my feet, knee’s first into my face. I didn’t know much about how airbags work so here’s some information I have learned to better help you understand how dangerous it is…… The airbag system ignites a solid propellant, which burns extremely rapidly to create a large volume of gas to inflate the bag. The bag then literally bursts from its storage site at up to 200 mph (322 kph) — faster than the blink of an eye! A second later, the gas quickly dissipates through tiny holes in the bag, thus deflating the bag so you can move. So there you go…….now you get it. I kneed myself in the face at 200mph! Sounds a lot worse now doesn’t it. I  had really done a job on myself. I had multiple facial fractures (my mother was told that I had broken every bone in my face), a CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid) leak from my brain and oh yeah I lost two teeth! I was eventually moved to Beaumont Hospital under the care of my Neurosurgeon and the Max Fax (Maxillofacial) team. They told me that I had pushed in and up my face and they would have to basically pull it all out and put it back together! Sounds nice huh!! In 2007 I experienced a set back and had to have my forehead removed. Yes……my forehead! And yes……..all of it! I lived without my forehead for two years until the 17th of June 2009 when I got my brand new Italian ceramic forehead. I’m sure most of you reading this are a little puzzled by this……I know I was when they told me. I had nothing in place of my forehead for two years. My head sunk in and I looked a little strange. But thanks to the amazing work done by the great surgeons in Beaumont Hospital you would never know it was fake. My recovery has been very tough and because of the complications in May 2007 I am still recovering. I am also recovering from a minor brain injury called Acquired Brain Injury but thanks to the people at A.B.I Ireland I am well on my way to being ME again! It has been a long long road. I have no memory of the accident, the three months leading up to it or the month following it. I have a few little memories from my time in Beaumont but not much. One of my first memories is looking in the mirror for the first time. I didn’t recognize the face looking back at me. That is one of the worse memories I have and one that I hope with all my heart not many people will ever have to go through.I  have been waiting for years to be able to tell people my story but I was never strong enough to open up about such a heartbreaking experience. I am sharing my story now because I can’t stand the thought of another person having to go through what I have had to go through. I would hate for another persons family to have to get that dreaded phone call as mine did! I have always said to my Mother…….I got the pain but they got the memories. I see passengers with their feet on the dashboard a lot of the time and it breaks my heart. I’m hoping you will pass on this message / warning to everyone you know and hopefully people will understand how dangerous it is

To the amazing people at A.B.I……I’m sure they have no idea how you have helped me. Not many people know about Acquired Brain Injury and to be honest neither did I. I do find it tough some days when I constantly lose words while in the middle of a conversation. This can happen to me twenty times a day. I get headaches when too many people are talking around and to me, when someone tries to talk to me over music and I sometimes find it difficult to stay focused. I was so lost before I was diagnosed with A.B.I…….feeling like I was going crazy as I couldn’t remember words and my memory wasn’t the best. They have also helped me with my problem of not liking my new face. I still dislike looking in a mirror and I do not like my face but I can deal with it much better now. I know when things are getting a little too much now and I know how to deal with it. I would have been lost without them and I will never be able to thank them enough for helping me.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR FEET ON THE FLOOR IN A VEHICLE……..FRONT AND BACK PASSENGERS!!One of the worse parts about it is that it seems so obvious when you think about it. So please listen to me and learn from my horrible experience.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. I can only hope with all my heart that you wont ever have to go through what myself and my loved ones have had to go through. Help me tell my story so something good can come out of such a bad experience!

Thoughts about Nothing

I have started a course in my local Town it was the sea safety course when I heard about it I was like this is gonna be interesting and gonna be cool to learn something different. My tutor who showed me what to do he said that what I show you on the slide show its gonna just be like topics how to open and use a life-raft and being able to know how to use a first aid or be able to do fire take it out on a boat learn how to prevent yourself with safety an the healthy from that kinda of side.

When everyone was in the class we learned how to work in some groups and learn how to start off saying our name to the group an why we are here today/ I was surprised I was the only girl in the class when I was doing it and it was funny because he kept asking me questions and I would know most of the answers but not whole lot.

I got to learn the life raft how to be able Manual Launching Procedure of Life Raft this is what happened!

  • Check that one end of the painter of the raft is well secured to a strong point on ship’s deck or structure.

  • Remove the lashing from the container of the raft and open the way to portable rail if available.

  • Check the ship side where the raft to be launched is clear.

  • Two people should lift the container from both sides horizontally and throw the container.

  • Make sure the painter is still fixed at a strong point so that the raft should not be waved away by waters.

  • Pull the painter with a hard jerk to fire the gas bottle to inflate the raft.

  • The life raft will take 20-30 sec to inflate.

  • Board the life raft one by one using ladder or rope.

  • Avoid sharp objects like knives, shoes and other sharp objects etc which may damage the raft surface.

  • When everybody is aboard, after a headcount, cut the painter with a sharp knife.


This course is a three days course and it an expensive course 150 euro when you have this course done they will give you a Safety Training Card and its suitable for you when you are able go on a boat because they might ask you even do the course but while you show it its so handy wont have to worry about it then

In the college our 3rd week we went swimming it was based in Dunmanway it was good was too much of a long day but we had loads of practice we had to wear a swim suit i think most the lads didn’t feel too conformable but  for me I thought it looked very heavy to put on but it wasn’t as bad but it turned out worst when I coming in an out of the water.

My tutor didn’t even tell me that the water was that deep i had a panic attack when i had to jump in it was very hard to get out obvious to wear that suit. i eventually got used to it going in and out but it was difficult because i had to swim over to the ladder other times we had to hold on one person back and see could we carry them for example if they were stuck to swim to the tide. 

The next thing was the lift raft to be able to get in to it and to be able to swim underneath it to go over to the ladder i think it was about 10 minutes we did that my legs were hanging that time. my tutor told everyone that we had to climb up the back of the life raft i fail about 3 times because when it was  tough i was climbing but the life-raft was wet and slippy i finally got up and pulled it back into the water i fell back and was able to swim underneath he said if nobody was able to pass it then you wouldn’t be able to get your sea safety card. 

The next day my card came in the post i passed my Sea Safety Course and my tutor said in the letter best of luck to me in life if i did decide to work on a fishing boat or a cruise ship.

Ever since i done my course in 2016 i have been working with my father on the boat and learning all the use  of ropes and equipment i can learn fast because im used to it all but for other experiences for people they wont because they haven’t learn how to use the equipment the reason to that they haven’t been on a boat or seen whats it like.