Person Just Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis

So, were you just diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (‘UC’)? Hey, I know what you’re feeling. I’ve been where you are right now. You might be young, maybe in your teens. You might be older, with children and grandchildren. Maybe it’s your child who’s been diagnosed with UC. Regardless of where you’re at we’ve all been there, all of us with UC, and it’s OK to be scared, shocked, indifferent or whatever you’re feeling right now. I can imagine you might feel so embarrassed right now, because I was too. In my mind I was saying how can a doctor ask a girl these questions about my toilet habits but I know the doctors need to know the answers to be able to help you.  
When I was  back in school the students thought I was different because I missed a lot of school . Things were falling apart, I got a lot of bullying with people saying ‘You’re different… don’t hang with her…. omg 😲’. It wasn’t nice. Most mornings I didn’t go in to school until a bit later. If I went to the toilet for a long time, the teachers would be taking me outside the classroom to ask questions. I had to explain to them where I was for so long. These conversations would take five minutes each time which felt so stupid as teachers wouldn’t know what I was going through. I got depression a lot but never told anyone because I didn’t know what they would think. Most of my friends knew because I told them and at least they understood like most people I thought would.

UC is a part of me, and I’m doing the best I can. I can honestly tell you that living a meaningful life is possible. Right now, I have a part – time job in a factory packing fish and I have great support there. I take photography out on the ocean and at different places usually taking photos if people ask for example if there was storm or if somebody was at sea and wanted their photo to be taken. I go partying with few friends at weekends and I am currently in the National Learning Network, I love it there with many great teachers and students.  I go to concerts. I have friends I can talk to and who appreciate me for who I am, regardless of me having UC. 
You may wonder what Ulcerative Colitis symptoms are. People having a flare up of Ulcerative Colitis may experience or all the following symptoms:
·         Diarrhea

·         Abdominal pain

·         Tiredness/lack of energy

Doctors will do examinations of the large bowel from the rectum to the caecum to diagnose UC. This is what I had to do many times before, it isn’t scary. I didn’t care at the time, I wasn’t worried. I mean worrying yourself isn’t good.  It is important that the bowel is empty for the tests so your doctor can get good views of the bowel wall. My doctor prescribed a special drink to take on the day before my examination to ensure this. I was given a sedation for the test which takes approximately twenty minutes. I was asked to rest in the recovery room for about an hour and could be given light refreshments before I was discharged home. Capsule endoscopy is a recently developed technology which may be helpful in certain cases. My doctor also took into consideration how I was coping with my symptoms. He prescribed drugs to reduce the inflammation in the colon and help to heal the inflamed intestine lining. These drugs were useful in rating mild to moderate flare – ups and are used to keep my colitis in remission.
What foods can you eat with UC?
·        white bread without seeds

·        white pasta, noodles, and macaroni

·        white rice

·        crackers and cereals made with refined white flour

·        canned, cooked fruits

The foods which you should not eat are:
·         brown rice

·         quinoa

·         buckwheat

·         oats

·         wild rice

I have no shame or embarrassment in saying I have UC to people if they asked what was wrong with me. It’s not a pleasant thing to have throughout your 20s but one key thing about living with UC is accepting you have it and to not feel embarrassed about discussing it. After all, everyone goes to the toilet – it as natural as breathing – so what the sheepish attitude to talking about bowel disease? But coping with UC is not simply about managing the disease, it can severely affect mental health too. For example, anxiety and depression are heavily associated with having the illness. I do have positive times and navigate times but hey that’s going to happen. They say life is short but you got to be strong for what you have.
I was diagnosed March 2013 when I was 16 years old. For the past five months I have been feeling good like nothing is wrong with me as I have been taking my medication every day. I never like taking the medicine and it’s really annoying for me. I take it morning and night. At one point, I was going to the bathroom 10+ times a day. At one point in time, I had gone in my pants and washed myself off in the toilet in secondary school. It was horrible and I lucky to have a spare pants with me, because being caught short isn’t nice feeling to have.  It had all become so normal at that point. But you know what? Its ok even if you don’t experience all of this, or half of this or even any of this. If you got out of the bed today – congratulations and just remind yourself tomorrow is another day.
I take my medication, exercise and try to follow a good diet. This disease, as we all know, shows us that our body will not always do what we try to will it to do, and don’t worry, I know it’s not easy. I can’t tell you anything that is going to take away this disease because right now its 5 years later and we still dealing with what has actually caused it. You can realise that having this disease is an opportunity and a blessing. With everything you will go through, you will gain experience to understand how much the mind matters through difficult times. This will force you to become mentally stronger and more resilient after a few hangups. And having this disease will lead you to your life’s work: inspiring and educating others on how to get through difficult times. So, in closing, I want you to understand that most of this journey will be in understanding that you have this choice. Once you realise this, you will know you are not cursed but blessed to have been able to live a life full of hard won lessons.


Ed Sheeran lights up Cork as the sun goes down

000fd53c-800 ED Sheeran is a famous English singer and songwriter, who has won the hearts of people all over the world with his melodic voice. He is an occasional rapper and actor as well. His popularity increased especially after the release of his first album ‘+’ and after a guest appearance was made by him on Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album ‘Red.’ He began recording music in 2004.  Ed Sheeran took to the stage at Cork’s Páirc Uí Chaoimh on Friday evening as the sun was beginning to set and proceeded to delight the 40,000 strong crowd with a selection of his best tracks. It was the first of three sold-out gigs at the newly refurbished stadium in Cork City and bode well for the Saturday and Sunday night concerts. One of Sheeran’s supports acts Jamie Lawson tweeted that it was “an incredible first night” adding “if every night is as good as that it’s going to be an amazing tour”. Irish trad band Beoga and singer-songwriter Anne-Marie are also supporting Ed on his Irish stint.

What a way to kick off the bank holiday weekend! Best of luck to Ed with his Sunday gig. It looks like fans who have managed to bag tickets have a serious treat  in store. If you weren’t lucky enough to get tickets to the gigs, fear not. It sounds like Ed could be heard all across Cork city and beyond on Friday night!! Try not to miss his next journey to Dublin IE Co.Galway IE Belfast, ND Manchester, GB

When you find the Right Guy

Well hello to Everyone I had never put up on my blog before about this an i found it interesting to why not do it my boyfriend decided why not to show people it would be a change also. The first time i met up with Stephen he was so kind sweet Amazing caring in that moment i never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason. He is absolutely a person i would never think about him , He makes me laugh and i can trust him in all my heart. I can rely on not to judge me. Your my rock , My sweetheart my best friend. He there when im feeling down and from the support i got from him i want to Thank him. To be honest i thought he was one those people who dont care about a relationship and decides to only use it for sex.. We have that distance relationship because Im in Ireland and he in London he working as a Mechanic to make money to move over with the parents. This is how i think about it “Long distance relationships are hard, but they are also incredible. If you can love trust , Support each other from a distance then you be Unstoppable once your Physically together. I told him its best if you see my parents because when that happens your parents actually let you do what you want then. And its good for the person who in the relationship to get used to each-other and make a conversion. Whenever im with you, i do not have to try hard to be someone that im not. i can just be myself.” He try to make time off to come and see me which i do love the most but i like to make the time also to go to him. We always make our time We face time and text everyday What i love about him is when he leaves work he tells me he on his way home.. that just shows you something didnt happen. We been together for 3 months and  we are happy out.




Snowing in Ireland

Hello Everyone !! So it finally started snowing it hasn’t snowed in 7 years in my home town which is shocking but im so happy i can actually enjoy the snow while it last 🙂 I cant believe how a lot of people went out in their shorts today and more people just walking on the road when the radio did say nobody should leave the door. In the Met Eireann they have wrote in their website that “Scattered heavy snow showers and widespread ice are lying snow today. “During the afternoon and evening blizzard conditions will develop across Munster and Leinster as heavy snow together with driving easterly winds spread northwards to all areas through the rest of the day. I hope this snow does last till Sunday or Monday then stay off  college.

A status red snow-ice warning is in place for Dublin, Kildare, Louth, Wicklow and Meath, and up to 10cm of snow has fallen in some places. Is it snowing where you are? Send your photos to me what it is like for you people. But just remember ” Be content with what you have. Rejoice in how things are.When you realize there is nothing lacking the whole world belongs to you.”

Topic about getting skipper course

I was born in Castletownbere and I always went fishing with my Father to sea in his punt plenty times to go out and catch mackerel.  The first day I asked my Father are you going fishing he said he was. When I asked him would I be able to go out also with you .He said sure you can but by the way you will get sick everyone first time or 3rd time people do start of getting sick. I told him either I do or not Im gonna make the most of the day. I decided to leave at 8am when we got to the pier I took of the angle off the rope to let it free and he started to turn on the engine. We were in a small punt I was nervous because I had no idea how to use the engine if something did had to happen. He did about 35 miles south of Allihies and I was feeling the freedom then. We stopped at the buoy and he was like pick it up now don’t forget if you ever climb and pull it up the buoy you will fall out the punt. I made sure I wouldn’t fall the day was flat calm we put it over the plotter and I pulled in the gill-nets I swear that day was unreal we got 60 or 70 fish in one net. There was monk fish – mackerel – fish – witches , crab. I never really thought people would start off in a punt why not a big trawler boat instead.

What are you doing now! 

I’m working part time weekends with my father now landing fish in the pier. I work for 13 hours shift one morning I had to because we had one worker who couldn’t do his job correctly and I decided well im here so I shall take over I had to gutted the fish and make sure its well cleaned I did had to wash them and put them into a box. The next job was to get my stick to get the bouy in the water pick it up put it over from the plotter so that the rope is going into the wheel that will get the pot to come up. Its a lot of work when you put yourself into it and when your used to it also. I’m on a boat with my father and one Irish person its good to work well together in a group get the job done make the money for yourself. When my day is done my dad and I would drive out to the water he would turn the wheel make it straight and I would climb up on top with my stick and get the buoy pull it up and put it on top of my Foredeck which will hold my ropes and pipe. I then would take my spare rope for the punt and put it over the plotter than holding it incase goes in the water and make a knot for 8 so that means it well tight. If I didn’t have that I would have nothing to tie and hold something for my boat at night. When we are finished I would turn off the boat and turn my key while my dad is down in the engine room.
There a lot of tourist that come towards the pair to see us a lot of them would talk to me because when they see a young person beside their skipper they thing she know a bit more. I have got asked a lot of questions and lots of people told me. Where do I fish ? How many miles I go ? Do I get sick ? Why do you fish why not do something else? How much is the fish if I buy.? What we do is we sell fish in the locals factories and we make our profit the end of the day I could be making up 700 euro one day. I also sell fish to people in my local town like if I catched 40 lobsers in one box I didnt know what to do I sell to a company and they weight out their size I also would make sure their back is not broken if it is means their dead and they didnt stay alive long enough. This is an example of how it looks!!
measure ! A lobster man measures an lobster to make sure is meets size regulations! In the background I would come a skipper because its all about taking over the family business and you know what to do when you see it from childhood to adulthood. The reason why I wouldn’t take over anything else because this is in my blood and I’m not interested in anything else just the sea. I have learned lot from boats and the important one is taking your reason-ability to it and caring care for the licence of the boat and looking after it just like if you had a child. When I do my skipper course I will have modules to carry out and I will have an exam in the end of it and that will show you have I study for it all this time or have I interested in getting this for full time for the future.
  • Chart-work –
  • Signals –
  • Meteorology-
  • Collision Regulations.
  • Practical skills in engineering
  • Fishing vessel operations
  • Care of the catch
  • Net repair and Construction
  • Navigation
  • Safety Skills.

Recovery is the key word in mental health issues

Hey everyone how are you all doing , this is the time of year again for Christmas to enjoy with your family and friends. I thought why not have a chat about something that people can always do if they were stuck in a position and what happens if they lost someone close to them. I would recommend talk up and speak how you feel because hiding it and feeling you cant raise up no you can well all have those times where your shy and not good enough. We all have one of those times you drink enough and put yourself in danger but you feel you can prove that nothing will happen like that again. I have been in hospital June 2017 and brought back in September 2017 where this was kinda similar to the one in 2017  where i snapped and my emotions, with relationships and behavior, myself into the drinking.  The Bantry mental health recovery is the one important and safe places The staff were so helpful  My doctor i would thank him for all the work he did and helped me recovery Dr Pat Bracken, consultant psychiatrist and clinical director of the Centre for Mental Health Care Bantry you are the hero if it was other doctor i dont know but this was my favorite. When i got out of the hospital i felt safe but not so much i have also got isolated from people around me i join support groups and i got the best out of that stress management and understand whats ahead of you positive ways. Dont let your struggle become your IDENTITY.   Hope People can and do recover – there is lots of evidence that demonstrates this. Even the smallest belief that we can get better when we are unwell or are struggling, can help to keep us going and can move the recovery process along for us.

Self advocacy Self-advocacy is about believing in yourself, knowing your rights, and speaking up for yourself – asking for what you want and need. If you think you might need help in doing this, there are advocacy services that support you to be involved in decisions affecting your life.

Supportive relationships A common aspect of recovery is the presence of others who believe in your potential to recover, and who stand by you and understand you.  It be really useful to have more than one source of support as you will have lots of different needs and different supporters will be able to help at different times and in different areas of your life.

It will be challenging. it will also be worth it. you will relapse and that OK. As long (as you keep fighting.) you may feel alone in your struggle.. your loved one may not understand but you can always explain. you will have good days, and bad days, but you the bad days will get fewer. your problems wont magically go away. but they will be manageable. you might not feel different at first, but when your done you will be happier, Healthier, stronger and recovered. that why you have to keep fighting.

Mental health recovery

This is nice to be outside and enjoy talking with your friends you can also enjoy have an relax from being inside to go outside and have a smoke and play some tennis and do some garden work outside also. But the main thing would be you cant escape from the problems you got to speak up what i felt was that i wanted to live my life without stress and worries , I dont need to be rich or famous , I just want to be happy. 💕💕


Looking out at the golden gate bridge

Crossing the strait of the Golden Gate from San Francisco to the Marin headlands for 1.7 miles is the world-renowned Golden Gate Bridge, easily identified by its International Orange color. Opened in 1937, the bridge was built at a cost of $35 million in principal and $39 million in interest and 11 workers’ lives. The single-suspension span is anchored by twin towers that reach skyward 746 feet, and was once taller than any building in San Francisco. To support the suspended roadway, two cables, each more than 7,000 feet in length and both containing 80,000 miles of wire stretch over the top of the towers and are rooted in concrete anchorages on shore. More than 10 years in planning due to formidable opposition, but only four years in actual construction, the Golden Gate Bridge brought the communities of San Francisco and Marin counties closer together.

General Visitor Info

Pedestrians including wheelchair users and bicyclists can go on the sidewalks of the bridge during daylight hours but roller blades, skateboards and roller skates are not permitted. There are vista points on both north and south sides of the bridge with parking lots. For information on sidewalk closures due to construction, visit goldengatebridge.org/bikesbridge/bikes.php. If you can’t visit the bridge in person, do the virtual bridge walk and don’t forget to check out the view from the top of the south tower. Because of heavy congestion on the bridge, vista points may occasionally be closed to vehicles.

How to Get There

From downtown, take #38 Geary Boulevard to Park Presidio and transfer to #28 northbound to get to the Golden Gate Bridge. If you’re taking Golden Gate Transit from San Francisco, the #10, #70 or #80 lines will take you to the bridge. For additional information, routes and schedules, please visit the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and Golden Gate Transit sites.

Where to Stay!! If you are planning to stay in San Francisco, there are plenty of hotels nearby or with views of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you have family nearby then go there to stay with them. i always wanted to stay near the golden gate bridge and see what its like some of all wanted to see new York and check out statue of liberty. I always wanted to see when they are filming their videos Virtual Tour of NYFA  battery place campus.



Ever felt a ghostly presence? Now we know why

dn26516-1_800“Trick of the brain: you are not alone”

Hallucinations (including hearing voices) Many people talked about experiencing hallucinations: hallucinations are something that you hear, smell, feel or see – when there isn’t anything or anyone there to explain where it came from. As one man put it, “my senses misfunction”. Most of the people who described hallucinations had been diagnosed with some form of schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder. A few had been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

What’s it like to hear voices?
People said hearing voices was like: “a song that keeps on coming into your head”, “it’s not like it’s your own thought, it’s as if something has been saying something to you”, “I could hear it from within me like my own spirit saying something to me”, and “it’s like my own kind of thinking but it sounds like it’s outside of my head”. One woman, who was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, said she heard, “funny voices and noises” and heard “things which nobody is speaking”.  People talked about hearing different types of voices with different personalities and genders. Some thought they heard their own inner voice, others thought it was the voice of someone else – for example their mother’s voice, or the voice of God. Some people thought that the television or radio was talking to them. Whilst for many hearing voices had become part of life, the experience could still be as frightening and confusing as the first time they heard them. Some people didn’t realise it was unusual to hear voices (see ‘Onset of mental health problems‘). One woman was 14 when she started hearing voices. She was so scared she attempted suicide and developed depression.

What’s it like to see things that aren’t there?
Well for myself its really weird because i have it since September now. Most of all i dont like how i can get panic attacks and just stops after 10- 20 minutes like i feel like i just cant breathe onwards when it stops. i have notice i heard few nights ago a loud noise in the house like someone was walking around and i just didn’t move out of bed because i got frighted and anxious, but i got up i had my knife with me and looking around the house then nothing was there. Its weird but i guess sometimes got just not take too much notice and ignore it if you can. I have been in the day time or an evening time where i have been at a party or just playing cards and the person would just be there looking. I have seen my Psychologist and she said you should always write down about it and also just next time try ignore the fact your doing something to force on instead. It’s terrifying can’t believe it’s an actual health condition like wow 😱