Why I chose this topic is because for my past life I was born in casltetownbere and I grew up by the sea also.Castletownbere fishery harbour is located in berehaven one of the largest natural harbours in the world.Bereheaven is located within Bantry Bay on the southwest coast of Ireland.Castletownbere is one the major fishing ports and is Ireland largest white fish port too.I have always been drawn to the water but I don’t know why I always think because my family are part of the fishing too and that’s where I decided I finally like it too.

The first day I would decided to go fishing with my father was when he said its not going to be a sunny day its going to be high waves and rain from the south side the night before I said to myself I go anyway because I know it would be calm but as I was looking at the forecast it was so I just didn’t care about the wet weather I wanted to see what would it be like anyway. We decided we would leave @5am and be home for 8pm in the evening.I don’t need to take anything to sea only my phone and my sandwiche if it was a beautiful day I would bring my camera and take loads of photos. My plan for the day was just go to work and make much money as the day goes by not to fall sleep on the bunk because doing that is saying to yourself  your just being lazy and thinking why did I get up in the first place then.

When I was on the boat leaving that morning wasn’t as bad as I thought but as the journey was going along we stopped about 3 places The Bull Rock, The Cow Rock , Lighthouse also. The weather wasn’t good as I thought in the south of Dursey Island it was very bad you could see from your eye that the waves were so big the wind gust was 38 and most if it in the morning was 19 and 16 calm. I saw when I was passing along the day when we were shooting pots I saw 2 seals and also few boats went along from us the scenery was lovely just looking out on the ocean and nobody there to judge you or give out to you.

The day I was out I took many photos on my phone ones of people walking on the hill people sitting down. I saw one shark and plenty seals on the rocks. The day went very well I was wreaked but I went true it like another normal person would and just kept positive but we made good money on that day work why is because we got plenty fish and plenty 400z of lobsters and sold a boy of crayfish to a company and most of all Mackerel made a few Bob. The return journey going home was grand landing in the factory and going home to relax for the evening was the best idea every.

How I felt after that day was feeling tired but what I also felt was saying to myself I wouldn’t mind going fishing again the next morning because you don’t know how much you can pay off and make for that full week.


Author: Aoife Murphy

Hey everyone im 22 years old. I go to college in National Learning Network..💕 "Love yourself enough to surround yourself with people who respect you"💯

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