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In Castletownbere we have a lifeboat station it opened in May 10th 2013, the volunteer lifeboat crew moved into the new station late last year after spending 15 years in temporary accommodation at Dinish island. The new station and pontoon has been built on reclaimed land in Castletownbere and the new location means that the lifeboat crew can respond to call/outs even faster. They provide a 24 hour search and rescue service around the UK and Ireland and seasonal lifeguard service.

Our crew are prepared to drop everything and risk their lives at a moment notice. Their life saving work is essential often difficult and sometimes dangerous, and with only one in ten volunteers joining the RNLI. Castletownbere RNLI has lunched 223 times since the lifeboat was first put in service. Its crews have rescued 288 people and saved 30 lives. Last year alone the lifeboat launched 10 times bringing 12 people to safety.  Five of those services took place in the dark while the volunteer crew spent 258 service hours at sea. Throughout its history there have been a great variety of call outs – sometimes long in duration sometimes brief. There have been moments of humour and tragedy.

The Training Crew Learn

  • The role and responsibilities of people at the station.
  • How to use and look after their personal Equipment.
  • The layout and equipment on their station lifeboats.
  • How to tie knots with ropes safety.


The training crew also complete courses on:


  • Radar and electric Aids
  • Search and rescue radio
  • Boat handling
  • Flood water rescue boat
  • Long range Certificate
  • Care for lifeboat crews and care lifeguards.

RNLI College is the home of crew training. Around 1,243 lifeboats crew members take part in one or more of over 40 different courses on offer at the college. Crew train using our first class which includes well equipped training rooms, a resources centre and a Sea Survival centre featuring live engine workshops, a wave tank, Fire Safety and Lifeboat Bridge. Our Sea Survival centre gives crew member a chance to gain practical experiences in sea safety. In the wave pool crews can experience conditions such as complete darkness, thunder, lightning and helicopter recovery.




Author: Aoife Murphy

Hey everyone im 22 years old. I go to college in National Learning Network..💕 "Love yourself enough to surround yourself with people who respect you"💯

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