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I have started a course in my local Town it was the sea safety course when I heard about it I was like this is gonna be interesting and gonna be cool to learn something different. My tutor who showed me what to do he said that what I show you on the slide show its gonna just be like topics how to open and use a life-raft and being able to know how to use a first aid or be able to do fire take it out on a boat learn how to prevent yourself with safety an the healthy from that kinda of side.

When everyone was in the class we learned how to work in some groups and learn how to start off saying our name to the group an why we are here today/ I was surprised I was the only girl in the class when I was doing it and it was funny because he kept asking me questions and I would know most of the answers but not whole lot.

I got to learn the life raft how to be able Manual Launching Procedure of Life Raft this is what happened!

  • Check that one end of the painter of the raft is well secured to a strong point on ship’s deck or structure.

  • Remove the lashing from the container of the raft and open the way to portable rail if available.

  • Check the ship side where the raft to be launched is clear.

  • Two people should lift the container from both sides horizontally and throw the container.

  • Make sure the painter is still fixed at a strong point so that the raft should not be waved away by waters.

  • Pull the painter with a hard jerk to fire the gas bottle to inflate the raft.

  • The life raft will take 20-30 sec to inflate.

  • Board the life raft one by one using ladder or rope.

  • Avoid sharp objects like knives, shoes and other sharp objects etc which may damage the raft surface.

  • When everybody is aboard, after a headcount, cut the painter with a sharp knife.


This course is a three days course and it an expensive course 150 euro when you have this course done they will give you a Safety Training Card and its suitable for you when you are able go on a boat because they might ask you even do the course but while you show it its so handy wont have to worry about it then

In the college our 3rd week we went swimming it was based in Dunmanway it was good was too much of a long day but we had loads of practice we had to wear a swim suit i think most the lads didn’t feel too conformable but  for me I thought it looked very heavy to put on but it wasn’t as bad but it turned out worst when I coming in an out of the water.

My tutor didn’t even tell me that the water was that deep i had a panic attack when i had to jump in it was very hard to get out obvious to wear that suit. i eventually got used to it going in and out but it was difficult because i had to swim over to the ladder other times we had to hold on one person back and see could we carry them for example if they were stuck to swim to the tide. 

The next thing was the lift raft to be able to get in to it and to be able to swim underneath it to go over to the ladder i think it was about 10 minutes we did that my legs were hanging that time. my tutor told everyone that we had to climb up the back of the life raft i fail about 3 times because when it was  tough i was climbing but the life-raft was wet and slippy i finally got up and pulled it back into the water i fell back and was able to swim underneath he said if nobody was able to pass it then you wouldn’t be able to get your sea safety card. 

The next day my card came in the post i passed my Sea Safety Course and my tutor said in the letter best of luck to me in life if i did decide to work on a fishing boat or a cruise ship.

Ever since i done my course in 2016 i have been working with my father on the boat and learning all the use  of ropes and equipment i can learn fast because im used to it all but for other experiences for people they wont because they haven’t learn how to use the equipment the reason to that they haven’t been on a boat or seen whats it like.   


Author: Aoife Murphy

Hey everyone im 22 years old. I go to college in National Learning Network..💕 "Love yourself enough to surround yourself with people who respect you"💯

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