Recovery is the key word in mental health issues

Hey everyone how are you all doing , this is the time of year again for Christmas to enjoy with your family and friends. I thought why not have a chat about something that people can always do if they were stuck in a position and what happens if they lost someone close to them. I would recommend talk up and speak how you feel because hiding it and feeling you cant raise up no you can well all have those times where your shy and not good enough. We all have one of those times you drink enough and put yourself in danger but you feel you can prove that nothing will happen like that again. I have been in hospital June 2017 and brought back in September 2017 where this was kinda similar to the one in 2017  where i snapped and my emotions, with relationships and behavior, myself into the drinking.  The Bantry mental health recovery is the one important and safe places The staff were so helpful  My doctor i would thank him for all the work he did and helped me recovery Dr Pat Bracken, consultant psychiatrist and clinical director of the Centre for Mental Health Care Bantry you are the hero if it was other doctor i dont know but this was my favorite. When i got out of the hospital i felt safe but not so much i have also got isolated from people around me i join support groups and i got the best out of that stress management and understand whats ahead of you positive ways. Dont let your struggle become your IDENTITY.   Hope People can and do recover – there is lots of evidence that demonstrates this. Even the smallest belief that we can get better when we are unwell or are struggling, can help to keep us going and can move the recovery process along for us.

Self advocacy Self-advocacy is about believing in yourself, knowing your rights, and speaking up for yourself – asking for what you want and need. If you think you might need help in doing this, there are advocacy services that support you to be involved in decisions affecting your life.

Supportive relationships A common aspect of recovery is the presence of others who believe in your potential to recover, and who stand by you and understand you.  It be really useful to have more than one source of support as you will have lots of different needs and different supporters will be able to help at different times and in different areas of your life.

It will be challenging. it will also be worth it. you will relapse and that OK. As long (as you keep fighting.) you may feel alone in your struggle.. your loved one may not understand but you can always explain. you will have good days, and bad days, but you the bad days will get fewer. your problems wont magically go away. but they will be manageable. you might not feel different at first, but when your done you will be happier, Healthier, stronger and recovered. that why you have to keep fighting.

Mental health recovery

This is nice to be outside and enjoy talking with your friends you can also enjoy have an relax from being inside to go outside and have a smoke and play some tennis and do some garden work outside also. But the main thing would be you cant escape from the problems you got to speak up what i felt was that i wanted to live my life without stress and worries , I dont need to be rich or famous , I just want to be happy. 💕💕


Author: Aoife Murphy

Hey everyone im 22 years old. I go to college in National Learning Network..💕 "Love yourself enough to surround yourself with people who respect you"💯

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