Topic about getting skipper course

I was born in Castletownbere and I always went fishing with my Father to sea in his punt plenty times to go out and catch mackerel.  The first day I asked my Father are you going fishing he said he was. When I asked him would I be able to go out also with you .He said sure you can but by the way you will get sick everyone first time or 3rd time people do start of getting sick. I told him either I do or not Im gonna make the most of the day. I decided to leave at 8am when we got to the pier I took of the angle off the rope to let it free and he started to turn on the engine. We were in a small punt I was nervous because I had no idea how to use the engine if something did had to happen. He did about 35 miles south of Allihies and I was feeling the freedom then. We stopped at the buoy and he was like pick it up now don’t forget if you ever climb and pull it up the buoy you will fall out the punt. I made sure I wouldn’t fall the day was flat calm we put it over the plotter and I pulled in the gill-nets I swear that day was unreal we got 60 or 70 fish in one net. There was monk fish – mackerel – fish – witches , crab. I never really thought people would start off in a punt why not a big trawler boat instead.

What are you doing now! 

I’m working part time weekends with my father now landing fish in the pier. I work for 13 hours shift one morning I had to because we had one worker who couldn’t do his job correctly and I decided well im here so I shall take over I had to gutted the fish and make sure its well cleaned I did had to wash them and put them into a box. The next job was to get my stick to get the bouy in the water pick it up put it over from the plotter so that the rope is going into the wheel that will get the pot to come up. Its a lot of work when you put yourself into it and when your used to it also. I’m on a boat with my father and one Irish person its good to work well together in a group get the job done make the money for yourself. When my day is done my dad and I would drive out to the water he would turn the wheel make it straight and I would climb up on top with my stick and get the buoy pull it up and put it on top of my Foredeck which will hold my ropes and pipe. I then would take my spare rope for the punt and put it over the plotter than holding it incase goes in the water and make a knot for 8 so that means it well tight. If I didn’t have that I would have nothing to tie and hold something for my boat at night. When we are finished I would turn off the boat and turn my key while my dad is down in the engine room.
There a lot of tourist that come towards the pair to see us a lot of them would talk to me because when they see a young person beside their skipper they thing she know a bit more. I have got asked a lot of questions and lots of people told me. Where do I fish ? How many miles I go ? Do I get sick ? Why do you fish why not do something else? How much is the fish if I buy.? What we do is we sell fish in the locals factories and we make our profit the end of the day I could be making up 700 euro one day. I also sell fish to people in my local town like if I catched 40 lobsers in one box I didnt know what to do I sell to a company and they weight out their size I also would make sure their back is not broken if it is means their dead and they didnt stay alive long enough. This is an example of how it looks!!
measure ! A lobster man measures an lobster to make sure is meets size regulations! In the background I would come a skipper because its all about taking over the family business and you know what to do when you see it from childhood to adulthood. The reason why I wouldn’t take over anything else because this is in my blood and I’m not interested in anything else just the sea. I have learned lot from boats and the important one is taking your reason-ability to it and caring care for the licence of the boat and looking after it just like if you had a child. When I do my skipper course I will have modules to carry out and I will have an exam in the end of it and that will show you have I study for it all this time or have I interested in getting this for full time for the future.
  • Chart-work –
  • Signals –
  • Meteorology-
  • Collision Regulations.
  • Practical skills in engineering
  • Fishing vessel operations
  • Care of the catch
  • Net repair and Construction
  • Navigation
  • Safety Skills.


Author: Aoife Murphy

Hey everyone im 22 years old. I go to college in National Learning Network..💕 "Love yourself enough to surround yourself with people who respect you"💯

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