Snowing in Ireland

Hello Everyone !! So it finally started snowing it hasn’t snowed in 7 years in my home town which is shocking but im so happy i can actually enjoy the snow while it last 🙂 I cant believe how a lot of people went out in their shorts today and more people just walking on the road when the radio did say nobody should leave the door. In the Met Eireann they have wrote in their website that “Scattered heavy snow showers and widespread ice are lying snow today. “During the afternoon and evening blizzard conditions will develop across Munster and Leinster as heavy snow together with driving easterly winds spread northwards to all areas through the rest of the day. I hope this snow does last till Sunday or Monday then stay off  college.

A status red snow-ice warning is in place for Dublin, Kildare, Louth, Wicklow and Meath, and up to 10cm of snow has fallen in some places. Is it snowing where you are? Send your photos to me what it is like for you people. But just remember ” Be content with what you have. Rejoice in how things are.When you realize there is nothing lacking the whole world belongs to you.”


Author: Aoife Murphy

Hey everyone im 22 years old. I go to college in National Learning Network..💕 "Love yourself enough to surround yourself with people who respect you"💯

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